What Should I Wear?

Typically solid colors work best (and are most flattering!) for portraits.  Patterns can be distracting.  Clothes that fit well (aren't too tight or too loose) are a must and will make you look your best.  In coordinating multiple outfits, these should coordinate, but not be "matchy-matchy". As part of my in-home or digital consultation, I would love to discuss wardrobe with you!

Do you travel outside the Portland area?

Absolutely!  I love to explore and would love to talk about traveling to your destination.  For destinations that require greater than about 30 minutes travel time, there will be an hourly fee.

How much do your portraits cost?

My session fee is $100 and wall galleries start at approximately $600. I will happily send you a price sheet or discuss the cost of a wall gallery specific to your space.

I hate getting my picture taken, will you pose me?

I specialize in putting you at ease and showing your best self in the photo. I am very detail oriented and will guide you to look your best while we have fun!  Everyone looks their best when they are comfortable and enjoying what they are doing.

How do I know if these will look good on my wall?

I will work with you to custom-tailor not only the portraits to your unique passions and interests, but also your decor! I will work with you to make sure that these are beautiful additions to your home.

I have a question that isn't here, how can I get an answer to my question?

I love questions!  Please contact me using my contact form with your question and I will get in contact with you personally!

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